***Gabriela O. Bodea


Gabriela BodeaDr. Gabriela Bodea has been part of the Genome Plasticity and Disease group at Mater Research Institute – UQ since June 2014, when she joined the group being supported by a German Research Foundation (DFG) fellowship. In 2015, she was awarded an NHMRC-ARC Dementia Research Development Fellowship to continue her work on the activity of LINE-1 retrotransposons in dopaminergic neurons. This achievement was a continuation of her PhD awarded in 2014 in the laboratory of  PD Dr. Sandra Blaess (Institute of Reconstructive Neurobiology, University of Bonn, Germany), where she focused on the developmental mechanisms leading to dopaminergic neuron diversity in the mammalian brain. Dr Bodea’s long term research interest is to understand how neuronal diversity is generated in the mammalian brain and how this diversity translates into a different vulnerability to disease.

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