Patricia CarreiraDr Carreira has a long standing interest in mobile elements. Her first research contact with mobile elements was within the molecular medicine post-graduate program at the University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain. During this program, her research was focused on developing scripts to annotate mobile elements in the Drosophila simulans genome. This experience encouraged her to further study mobile elements.


Dr Carreira obtained her PhD from the University of Granada, Spain, identifying mobile elements’ sequences with transcription and/or ribozime activity in Trypanosoma brucei , thanks to a scholarship from the Spanish Government (FPI program).


Since Dr Carreira joined Prof. Faulkner’s lab, she has been focused on the implications of human L1 activity in cancer.

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Carreira, Patricia E; Richardson, Sandra R; Faulkner, Geoffrey J

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Sánchez-Luque, Francisco José; López, Manuel Carlos; Carreira, Patricia Eugenia; Alonso, Carlos; Thomas, María Carmen

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