Allister Fagg
Allister Fagg completed a Bachelor of Biomedical Science (Honours Class I) at the University of Queensland in 2015. He completed his Honours year under the supervision of Dr Patricia Carreira and Prof Geoff Faulkner in the Genome Plasticity and Disease group. His research focused on LINE-1 retrotransposition in Ovarian Cancer. Allister now works as a Research Assistant in the laboratory.

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Nguyen, Thu H M; Carreira, Patricia E; Sanchez-Luque, Francisco J; Schauer, Stephanie N; Fagg, Allister C; Richardson, Sandra R; Davies, Claire M; Jesuadian, Samuel J; Kempen, Marie-Jeanne H C; Troskie, Robin-Lee; James, Cini; Beaven, Elizabeth A; Wallis, Tristan P; Coward, Jermaine I G; Chetty, Naven P; Crandon, Alexander J; Venter, Deon J; Armes, Jane E; Perrin, Lewis C; Hooper, John D; Ewing, Adam D; Upton, Kyle R; Faulkner, Geoffrey J

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In: Cell Reports, 23 (13), pp. 3730–3740, 2018, ISSN: 2211-1247.

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Carreira, Patricia E; Ewing, Adam D; Li, Guibo; Schauer, Stephanie N; Upton, Kyle R; Fagg, Allister C; Morell, Santiago; Kindlova, Michaela; Gerdes, Patricia; Richardson, Sandra R; Li, Bo; Gerhardt, Daniel J; Wang, Jun; Brennan, Paul M; Faulkner, Geoffrey J

Evidence for L1-associated DNA rearrangements and negligible L1 retrotransposition in glioblastoma multiforme (Journal Article)

In: Mob. DNA, 7 (1), pp. 21, 2016.

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